Relief for illegal immigrants

illegal immigrant relief

Illegal immigrant relief

Relief for illegal immigrants

A lot of people In unexpected and difficult situations, they had no choice but to choose to stay illegally
However, if you become an illegal resident, you will be treated unfairly
Crimes such as assault, sexual assault, robbery, and fraud occur frequently by exploiting the status of illegal immigrants
Therefore, it helps to fundamentally resolve the damage by recovering from illegal to legal status.
Most of you are staying illegally due to circumstances, but not all of them are rescued so councel is necessary.

who are eligible for illegal stay relief

외국인 불법체류구제 해당자

How to rescue Illegal Stay

If humanitarian consideration is required

Even illegal immigrants can be allowed to change their status of stay in Korea after screening if their spouse needs humanitarian consideration. When illegal immigrants or smugglers live with Koreans to conceive or give birth to and raise children, they must first check in for marriage and prepare documents. Depending on humanitarian reasons, you may be punished for illegal stay and legally stay by changing your qualifications to marriage (F-6)

If you leave the country voluntarily

There would be no penalty, and it is proved that the marriage registration with the public is completed and a normal marriage life is maintained, the entry regulation will be suspended

Permission to stay due to pregnancy or childbirth

If it is difficult to leave the country due to pregnancy or childbirth during illegal stay, mothers and babies can be allowed to stay. The state is obligated to protect foreign mothers and babies. In this case, you can change to a visa for other qualifications (G-1)

For the elderly and patients

You can receive illegal stay relief at the national level exceptionally if you are treated or unable to move while staying in Korea due to mental and physical abnormalities during illegal stay. However, the person's child must be Korean or may judge whether he or she committed a crime in Korea

Actively utilize the special release

The purpose is to resolve the inconvenience of residence permits for those who have sincerity in marriage with the people or maintain a normal marriage life even if they are illegal residents or those who are regulated to enter the country. After reviewing the appropriateness of the foreigner's stay, we actively take measures to inform the headquarters of the approval for the lifting of the entry regulation in accordance with the procedures for the lifting of the entry regulation. After the regulation has been lifted, the office manager's right to stay is actively utilized

Foreigners engaged in professional jobs with insufficient substitute manpower, or foreigners who can conduct research activities and education at research institutes or institutions

It is possible if foreigners appeal to the advantage of being able to replace tasks or research activities that are impossible as Koreans and contribute to society by planning their children in the future

Most of you are staying illegally due to circumstances, but not all of them are rescued so sometimes It's a necessary to counce
If you have any problems staying in Korea, please contact us anytime.