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How to decideimmigration offender?

Penalties (administrative punishment)

In the case of a first offender, more than KRW 5 million (recidivism is more than KRW 7 million). In the last 3 years)

Violation of the Road Traffic Act

A person who has no agreement with the victim due to personal or material damage even if the fine is more than KRW 5 million or less than KRW 5 million.A person who has been fined three or more times within the last five years, including violation of the Road Traffic Act.

Fine (criminal punishment)

In the case of a first-time offender, a fine of 3 million won or more (the combined fine of 5 million won or more within 5 years of working outside)

Three time-Out

No right to prosecute more than three times within five years. Disposition of suspension of prosecution (including dismissal of prosecution, suspension of sentence), etc.Person who is admitted to habituality (3 time out).

Immigration Judicial Investigation Procedure

How to decide of immigration offender?

1. Subject to investigation

Immigration officials may investigate foreigners suspected of being a reason for forced eviction, violating orders under the Immigration Control Act or this Act, and may request the presence of a reference to hear his/her statement if necessary

Not only foreign immigration offenders but also Korean immigration offenders can be investigated through the procedures and methods stipulated in the Immigration Control Act.

Immigration officials are "special judicial police officers" who are qualified under the law on the scope of their duties, and are given special judicial police rights on the grounds that entrusting investigations to public officials with professional knowledge to handle their duties can produce results.

2. Investigation started

-If you are one of those cases, immigration officials will launch an investigation.

1) In the case where a suspect of violating the Immigration Control Act voluntarily attends

2) In a case where an immigration official (trend investigation, foreigner's stay management, or immigration examination) recognizes a suspected violation of the Immigration Control Act in performing his/her duties

3) In the case of taking over a suspected violation of the Immigration Control Act from a public official other than the immigration control officially

4) Case of recognizing the alleged violation of the Immigration Control Act through accusations, media reports, advertisements, etc

3. Request for attendance and questioning

Immigration officials may request the attendance of the suspect (reference) and interrogate if necessary for investigation

4. Submission of inspection, documents

Immigration officials may, if necessary in conducting an investigation, inspect their residence or goods with the consent of the suspect or request the submission of documents or goods. If a suspect denies the suspect's fact or if the documents submitted by the suspect are deemed insufficient to prove the fact, he/she may inspect his/her residence or goods or submit documents or goods only with the consent of a third party related to the suspect

Immigration Judicial Investigation Decision

How to decide immigration investigation?

"Forced eviction" is a type of administrative disposition against illegal foreigners under the Immigration Control Act, and is the strongest disposition to forcibly repatriate illegal foreigners against the will of the foreigner.